Gwenda Cannard

Meditation & Relaxation Teacher / Life Coach

  • Certificate IV Life Coaching
  • Graduate Diploma Social Science
  • Diploma Primary Teaching
  • Certificate of Nursing

Gwenda is a firm believer in the value of relaxation and meditation to help us to enjoy life more; to nourish self awareness and self acceptance; to overcome irritation, anger and anxiety; to improve sleep and concentration; and to contribute towards inner strength, calm and a peaceful approach to life.

Gwenda has a long interest in the study and practice of meditation including yoga, Buddhism and secular meditation as propounded by Dr John Kabat Zinn; and has recently qualified as a Life Coach. Gwenda has taught relaxation and meditation to a wide variety of people for many years; and is the former CEO of a not for profit counselling service for anxiety, depression and tranquilliser dependency.

Gwenda can help anyone seeking help with:

  • Developing a healthy lifestyle
  • Reducing stress, worry and anxiety
  • Improving sleep
  • Work/Life balance or school/life balance
  • Decision making
  • Working towards an authentic & meaningful life


  • $80 per hour ($70 concession) for relaxation or meditation
  • $100 per hour ($80 concession) for coaching
  • Group fees vary depending on the length of the group